Donald Trump Slams Joe Scarborough On Social Media For Sudden Death Of 28-Year-Old Woman

Donald Trump Slams Joe Scarborough On Social Media For Sudden Death Of 28-Year-Old Woman
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On Saturday, President Donald Trump questioned the role of Joe Scarborough in the sudden death of a former employee. Variety reported on the tweet from the president in which he questioned Joe's role in the death of the 28-year-old woman who suddenly died in Joe's office not long before he quit working in Congress.

Reportedly, Lori Bolterstein Klausutis worked for Joe Scarborough when he was the US Representative for Florida. Trump asked on his account today if the government would ever open the cold case involving Joe Scarborough and the woman who worked for him.

The president also pointed to a number of ostensibly suspicious details.

Trump asked in the tweet," did he get away with murder?" On the 12th of May, Trump also asked how he managed to leave Congress so quietly and so fast. The president went on to refer to Joe as a "nut job."

At the time of her death, Lori worked as the constituent services coordinator in Fort Walton, Florida. She died suddenly at age 28, but an autopsy later revealed that she had a heart condition that nobody knew about.

She passed out and hit her head on the table, which was what caused her death. Florida police came to the conclusion that the death was clearly an accident and there wasn't any foul play involved. As the story goes, Joe announced his departure from Congress around one month before she died.

Trump, and many other social media users, have argued that her sudden passing was "suspicious." Trump also asked why or how her body wound up under his desk with a "blow to her head." Trump wrote again, "keep digging, use forensic geniuses."

As most know, Trump and Joe Scarborough have often been at each other's throats in the past. Previously, Donald took considerable heat for calling attention to Mika Brzezinski's purported plastic surgery operations.

Moreover, Trump has described Mika as being "dumb as a rock," while also repeatedly pointing to the sudden death of Joe's former employee.

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