Donald Trump Signs Executive Order To Deliver More Aid To The Unemployed

Donald Trump Signs Executive Order To Deliver More Aid To The Unemployed
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Donald Trump has officially signed an executive order to deliver more aid to the unemployed amid the coronavirus pandemic, Hot New Hip Hop has learned. The outlet said the president managed to bypass Congress this past Saturday to extend more benefits to American citizens.

Reportedly, the stimulus package may be problematic, coming with legal problems and other issues. At the moment, Congress is fighting over another bill that would introduce more money into the public.

The Republicans have publicly declared they want to send out another $1 trillion to American citizens, but the Democrats want to deliver $3 trillion but had to cut down to $2 trillion.

According to Hot New Hip Hop, the main difference between the Republican and Democrat bills is that the parties want to send money to some groups over others. For instance, the Democrats want to send the money to everyone in the USA who pays taxes.

Trump intends to extend another $400 to unemployment checks, which is down from the $600 increase that came to fruition on the 31st of July. Moreover, Trump wants to defer payroll taxes to others who earn less than $100,000 per year.

The deferment will go to those designated as "most in need," and it will start on the 1st of September and extend all the way until the 31st of December. Other sections of the executive order feature provisions to halt foreclosures, evictions, and student loan payments.

Thus far, Trump has come under fire for bypassing Congress, which normally handles such laws and bills. His critics have claimed the move is "unconstitutional" and goes beyond what the president is allowed to do by law.

Of course, this is election year as well, so critics of the president claim he's merely coming up with another stimulus package to get into the good graces of Americans. According to outlets like CNN, the USA is still enduring a large number of coronavirus cases, however, the number of deaths has gone way down.

Regardless, Trump's critics have accused him of making a disaster out of the government's response to the pandemic. 

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