Donald Trump Shows Off His New Grey Hair After Years Of The Orange Color Being Mocked

Donald Trump Shows Off His New Grey Hair After Years Of The Orange Color Being Mocked
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The current POTUS is often mocked for his orange skin tone and matching hair color but it looks like he might have changed at least one of those! That’s right! Donald Trump appears to have a much more natural-looking grey hair now and many took to social media to point that out!

At the same time, some theorized that the reason why Donald Trump has exchanged his blonde hair for grey is that he is trying to ‘look like Biden’ out of desperation as the presidential election approaches.

Yesterday, the current president debuted his new hair during a conference about China in the White House Rose Garden.

Since the change in look was pretty obvious, it did not take long before many users took to their platforms to share their reactions with the world.

There were some who argued that Donald Trump looks pretty good with grey hair but there were also plenty who slammed him and called him ‘desperate!’

One user posted two side by side pics comparing the hair shades and wrote alongside them: ‘White hair day on the left…yellow on the right?’

Someone else also wondered, unsure: ‘Is Trump’s hair less orange-yellow than usual?’

A third user did not hold anything back when they tweeted ‘TRUMP’S SO DESPERATE HE’S TRYING TO LOOK LIKE BIDEN!’

‘Trump is letting his gray hair show because he wants to copy [Joe] Biden’s hair. Hey Dishonest Don, it’s what is underneath his hair that matters,’ yet another person posted while someone else wondered if Trump had just forgotten to dye his hair blonde.

Whether his more natural-looking hair is a result of not having access to a hair salon amid the COVID-19 pandemic or if it’s a look he wanted to go for, it’s not clear but it’s definitely not the first time people are talking about his hair.


In fact, people get opportunities to make fun of it quite often!

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