Donald Trump Says He "Passed On" Receiving Time Magazine's "Person Of The Year" Recognition

Donald Trump Says He "Passed On" Receiving Time Magazine's "Person Of The Year" Recognition
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The president of the United States wrote on Twitter yesterday that he "turned down" Time Magazine's offer to be the "Person Of The Year." The controversial president took to his Twitter to say, "Time Magazine called to say that I was PROBABLY going to be named, 'Man of the Year.'" However, he had to "pass" because "probably" isn't enough.

In response to his statements, Time said that the President is "incorrect" about how they go about choosing the person of the year. The organization doesn't comment on their choice until they publish the issue.

Back in 2016, Time chose Trump for the recognition after he beat Hillary Clinton in the presidential race despite public scrutiny. Either way, this isn't the only time Trump has critiqued the enterprise.

The journalism-juggernauts chose Angela Merkel for the honor in 2015 and Donald said that the German chancellor was "ruining" Germany.

He stated that it was evident that he was, in fact, the favorite and not the controversial chancellor who accepted one million Syrian refugees.

Reportedly, Donald Trump has fake issues of the magazine hanging up in several of his properties where his image is photoshopped on to the cover.

As for who is in talks for the honor this year, allegedly people such as, Colin Kaepernick, Jimmy Kimmel, Rose McGowan, and Patty Jenkins are all likely candidates.

When Time chose Trump as the Person Of The Year in 2016, many people in the public sphere criticized the decision due to his inflammatory presidential campaign that "left the nation divided." In response, the enterprise defended their choice by stating that they chose him purely because of the impact he had in 2016, rather than because they support him or his politics.

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