Donald Trump Reacts To Kanye West Announcing Presidential Bid

Donald Trump Reacts To Kanye West Announcing Presidential Bid
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Following Kanye West’s announcement that he might just run for president this fall , the current POTUS , Donald Trump, who is also running for his second term, reacted to the news! Apparently, he is all for it!

And that’s not all! The Donald even had some advice for the rapper, especially since he is joining the campaign so late into the game and Donald Trump has never been so fair-play!

Of course, at this point, nothing is official since Kanye only tweeted about his presidential bid and is yet to register.

Regardless, Trump thinks that competing against the other man would be ‘interesting.’

He did also point out that at this time, Kanye has already missed the deadline to appear on the ballots in a few states.

Trump called Kanye his ‘great friend’ and was encouraging when it comes to him achieving his political aspirations.

During an interview with RealClearPolitics earlier today, the president stated that ‘He may. It’s very interesting. He has a real voice.’

It’s no secret that Kanye is a Trump supporter and he has even donned the Make America Great Again hat a number of times to show his allegiance.

In the same new interview, Trump pointed out that it might be a little too close to the actual elections in November for his rapper pal to win but he stressed that it could be a great opportunity to just test the waters for 2024 instead!

‘It’d have to be limited to certain states because in some states the deadline has been missed. If he did it, he would have to view this as a trial run for what’s going to happen in four years.’

This comes after Kanye tweeted: ‘We must realize the promise of America now by trusting in God, unifying our visions and building our future. I'm running for president of the United States. #2020Vision.’

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  • Swells
    Swells Jul 7, 2020 4:52 PM PDT

    Kanye is a total sellout! I think he should be black balled. His state of mind is idiotic to a certain degree, knows how to get his palms greased with Trump handouts, he doesn't need.

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