Donald Trump Plans To “Take Down” All Tyrants Including Vladimir Putin?

Donald Trump Plans To “Take Down” All Tyrants Including Vladimir Putin?

The new President of the United States, Donald Trump has decided to start taking his extremely important position as the leader of the free world very seriously and fight with the main enemy of Democracy – tyrants!

Trump wants to take down all the tyrants of the world but what exactly is his plan? And could that plan maybe endanger America’s foreign affairs?

The National Enquirer went more deeply into Trump’s plan of attack that is shaped as we speak in the situation room at the White House. Will Donald Trump rid us of tyrants or do his actions spell trouble with other countries that could start a huge world war?

According to sources at the White House, President Donald Trump has approved a secret mission to take down some of the most infamous and dangerous world tyrants!

What is even more shocking is the fact that on the list of targets that includes Kim Jong Un and Bashar al-Assad there is also his supposed ally Vladimir Putin!

Maybe Trump is trying to cover up his friendship with the Russian leader, or maybe we were wrong all along?

Either way, the sources at the White House have revealed that the plan of attack includes carpet-bombing, Special Forces raids, drone strikes, and naval assault!

The secret plan to take down the dangerous tyrants follows the North Korean nuke threats and the Syrian gas attack.

To find out more about the President’s plan pick up the latest issue of The National Enquirer.

Did you expect such extreme actions from Donald Trump?

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