Donald Trump Offends Kim Kardashian With Muslim Ban

Donald Trump Offends Kim Kardashian With Muslim Ban
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Kim Kardashian is slamming Donald Trump for his immigration executive order or Muslim ban. Trump has signed an executive order suspending the arrival of refugees from seven Muslim countries for at least 120 days. The plan has sparked protests in airports in all the main American cities. Saturday night, Mrs. Kardashian West took to social media to call out President Trump, and she did it with hard numbers and facts. It is worth noting that Kardashian has more Twitter and Facebook followers than Mr. Trump - which must anger him every time he is reminded of it.

The reality star shared statistics showing that the rate of murders committed by refugees is significantly lower compared to toddlers with guns. An American is more likely to die falling out of bed than to be killed by Islamic jihadist immigrants.

The stats showed that more Americans deaths are caused each year by lawnmowers and lightning than Muslim extremists. The chart noted that only two Americans die in the hands of Islamic jihadist immigrants while more than 11,000, are gunned down by other Americans.

Kardashian's tweet has the Internet buzzing and has over 145K retweets and 277K Likes. She also retweeted this: "F%ck hate, f%ck discrimination, f%ck money, f%ck politics, we are all alive together for a reason. We need to be one before it's too late!!!"

Rihanna has also been vocal over the Muslim ban, and Hillary Clinton has issued a brief statement saying that she supports the protests.

Kardashian is enjoying a family vacation in Costa Rica as she films new episodes of her reality show "Keeping Up With The Kardashians." For the past few days, Kanye West's wife has been flooding Instagram with cute pictures of her children and over the top photoshoot where she is showing off her assets in different swimwear.

She found time to call out Trump because as a mother of two mixed-race children she finds he is dividing the country and causing chaos with his policies. Many are applauding Kardashian for the move and are wondering when Kanye West will take a stand?


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