Donald Trump Mocked Online Again After Asking Congress To Investigate Barack Obama’s Deal With Netflix

Donald Trump Mocked Online Again After Asking Congress To Investigate Barack Obama’s Deal With Netflix
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Donald Trump is the target of ridicule on social media, again! This time around, the president is being trolled because he demanded Congress to investigate former POTUS Barack Obama’s deal with Netflix.

Furthermore, his suggestion was, in fact, a way for him to deflect from the many investigations that are being conducted into his own finances and Twitter is obviously not having any of it!

In a series of tweets earlier today, the president insisted that Obama’s business deals should be investigated instead of the Congress focusing so much on his own.

Trump tweeted that: ‘House Judiciary has given up on the whole Mueller Report, sadly for them after 2 years and $40 million spent – ZERO COLLUSION, ZERO OBSTRUCTION.  they say, OK, let’s look at everything else, and all the deals that ‘Trump’ has done in his lifetime. But it doesn’t work that way. I've a better idea. Look at the Obama Book Deal or his ridiculous Netflix deal.’

‘Then look at all the deals made by the Dems in Congress, the ‘Congressional Slush Fund,’ and lastly the IG Reports. Take a look at them. Those investigations would be over FAST! They failed on the Mueller Report, failed on Robert Mueller’s testimony, failed on everything else, so the Democrats are now trying to build a case that I enrich myself by just being President,’ he went on to also say.

The Donald mentioned that while it’s a good idea, he’d always expected to lose billions of dollars in exchange for being our president, ‘and doing the best job that has been done in many decades.’

After calling Democrats ‘radical’ and ‘crazy,’ the controversial president ended his Twitter session with ‘Obama Netflix?’

As you can imagine, the memes began appearing soon enough and #obamanetflix even started trending!

A lot of users were also amused that most had no idea the former president had a project available to be watched on Netflix but Trump pretty much promoted it for him!


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  • JRuss
    JRuss Sep 17, 2019 11:56 AM PDT

    Dumb Donny's proof it hurts when you can't measure up. The continuing Trump, Obama envy, raises it's ugly empty Orange head again. Donny doesn't understand the ability to write best selling books is a significant larger accomplishment than his being able to color inside the lines of his books.

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