Donald Trump Is Bashed For Ukraine And China Scandals By Joe Biden And Mitt Romney

Donald Trump Is Bashed For Ukraine And China Scandals By Joe Biden And Mitt Romney
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Ever since it came out that President Donald Trump was going after former Vice President Joe Biden in some rather underhanded manners, the situation has caused a lot of divide on the US political scene.

Trump has openly asked China and Ukraine to investigate former his chief 2020 rival, Biden. The news pushed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to launch a formal impeachment inquiry.

Some seem to agree with Trump’s position on the matter, while others have accused the president of taking things too far and attempting to manipulate the situation for his benefit.

The president has continued to comment on the controversy since he started receiving backlash, but he does not seem all too bothered by the situation either.

Someone else, who is not bothered, is Biden himself, as the politician has explained that he has no intention of allowing Trump’s attacks to get to him, especially with regards to undermining the foundations of his family.

Biden has made it clear in the past that he is going to resist any attempts by Trump to attack him on a personal level, and he wanted to reiterate that recently as well.

Biden stated: “Let me make something clear to Trump and his hatchet men and the special interests funding his attacks against me: I’m not going anywhere.”

Barack Obama’s former vice president added: “You’re not going to destroy me. And you’re not going to destroy my family. I don’t care how much money you spend or how dirty the attacks get.”

The public remains divided on the situation, with many calling out Trump for his behavior, while others like Florida Senator Marco Rubio are defending Trump.

However, Biden has continued to maintain that Trump is misrepresenting the situation. At this rate, it will take a while for the whole truth to come out.

It does not help that Trump has a tendency to blur the facts around his discussions either, something which the President has been well known for in the past.

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) on Friday slammed Trump for requesting China and Ukraine’s help.

The former presidential candidate said: “When the only American citizen President Trump singles out for China’s investigation is his political opponent in the midst of the Democratic nomination process, it strains credulity to suggest that it is anything other than politically motivated.”

Could this mark a turning point in the impeachment fight?

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