Donald Trump-Inspired 'Trumpy Bear' Toy Commercial From Hell Freaks Out Everyone - Check It Out!

Donald Trump-Inspired 'Trumpy Bear' Toy Commercial From Hell Freaks Out Everyone - Check It Out!
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What is going on here? This brand new and extremely creepy commercial for Trumpy Bear is giving people nightmares!

It turns out that the build-a-bear knockout modeled after president Donald Trump is not a meme or something similar to that but an actual toy you can actually buy!

The teddy bear rocks the same orange combover and bushy brows as the president and even wears a suit.

While the stuffed bear is a bad enough idea, what makes the whole thing a thousand times scarier is the ad for it!

As the video shows a poorly photoshopped grizzly bear in a forest, a booming voiceover says: ‘The wind whispered through the forest. A storm is coming…you cannot defeat the storm. From the trees then rose a resounding voice: ‘I fear nothing. I come when the Trumpet sounds. I'm the storm. The great American grizzly.'’

That’s when the clip shows the funny looking Trump bear covered in confetti in the colors of the American flag – red, white and blue!

How is this not an SNL sketch? Instead, it’s an actual product that can be yours if you, for some reason, want it!

Furthermore, Snopes also made it very clear that Trumpy bear is not a satirical toy, therefore is not mocking Trump’s supporters.

Exceptional Products, who made the bear from hell told Snopes that ‘In 1902 the teddy bear was born and was named after President Teddy Roosevelt. When Donald Trump was elected to office as the first nonpolitician president, I felt like it was time to name an American fearless grizzly bear after our Commander in Chief. I designed the Trumpy Bear in a recognizable image of our president.’

The insanity does not even end there! Given the fact that the toy was born on Flag Day, they thought it would be a great idea to make it so that you can unzip Trumpy’s head and pull out an American flag print blanket!

As you can imagine, social media is freaking out about the plushie, the memes and the mockery reigning high!

Make sure to watch the entire commercial - It’s really something!


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