Donald Trump Gets Roasted for a Spelling Error and it’s Hilarious

Donald Trump Gets Roasted for a Spelling Error and it’s Hilarious
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Donald Trump makes a fool of himself again, on social media, this time because of a hilarious, meme-inducing spelling error.

The President-elect went to Twitter to complain about China, as usual, and his spelling error awoke the troll in everyone, as he got roasted for his mistake.

The post was quickly deleted and a revised version posted immediately but people were fast enough and they screen shot the embarrassing tweet reading:

“China steals United States Navy research drone in international waters – rips it out of water and takes it back to China in unpresidented act.”

‘Unpresidented’? – is it just me or it sounds like a pun referencing his failure of being a good president to all? I am not going to make any jokes about Trump’s inability to write correct words however, because others have already done it, and it’s hilarious. Here are some of the best tweets roasting him:

“It's totally #unpresidented having a president so smart he doesn't need intelligence briefings but so dumb he doesn't know how to spell.” (@emilymcdowell_)

“Someone should let Trump know that when a word in your tweet is underlined in red, it doesn't mean ‘tremendous word choice’ #unpresidented” (@CrisTheBunny)

“Trump is a joke, a really scary joke.. #unpresidented” (@ParaComedian09)

“New study says Donald Trump has the same grasp on grammar as a fifth grader. Fifth graders worldwide offended. #unpresidented” (@joegrisso)

“#unpresidented (verb): to make one not the president anymore

Ex: the Electoral College should unpresident @realDonaldTrump on Monday” (@monteiro)

“Trump will be the stupidest, most wilfully ignorant president in history. It’s #unpresidented.” (@JasonStarrBooks)

“Best. Freudian. Slip. Ever. #unpresidented” (@EricHaywood)

“You guys hated President Obama *so* much for being intelligent, you replaced him with a straight moron.” (@ChrisBrosnahan)

“I'm sorry that I doubted him when he said he had the best words. #unpresidented”

WOW! Freudian slip, indeed. Great job, Mr. President!


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