Donald Trump Drags ‘Dumber Than Hell’ Anchor Brian Williams Amid The Pandemic And Social Media Is Not Having It!

Donald Trump Drags ‘Dumber Than Hell’ Anchor Brian Williams Amid The Pandemic And Social Media Is Not Having It!
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Donald Trump has never been the most self-aware person and this time was no different! The President who has supposedly been really busy finding solutions for the COVID-19 pandemic to the point that he doesn’t find time to eat all his meals, did find time to insult MSNBC’s Brian Williams.

That being said, it’s safe to say that a lot of social media users were not fans of that development and so they clapped back at Trump.

It all started with Trump calling Williams but also other anchors like him ‘dumb’ as well as liars.

People were especially bothered by the Donald tweeting away due to the fact that the United States’ pandemic death roll has surpassed 60k.

Should he not focus on this scary crisis in the country?

Instead, late at night, Trump proceeded to drag the anchor over his old apology for falsified coverage of the Iraq War and online users could not beleive that THIS was what Trump was losing sleep over amid a global crisis.

As far as Trump is concerned, the journalist ‘wouldn’t know the truth if it was nailed to his wooden forehead.’

Alongside that message, he also provided a clip of his NBC News suspension from back in 2015.

‘Lyin’ Brian Williams of MSDNC, [which is a] Concast Scam Company, would not know the truth even if it was nailed to his wooden forehead. Remember when he lied about his bravery in a helicopter? Totally made up story. He is a true dummy who was thrown off Network News like a dog. Stay tuned!’ the whole first tweet reads.

He then went on to also slam other anchors who are not up to his standards: ‘I must admit that Lyin’ Brian Williams is, while dumber than hell, quite a bit smarter than Fake News @CNN ‘anchorman’ Don Lemon, the ‘dumbest man on television.’ Then you have Psycho Joe ‘What Ever Happened To Your Girlfriend?’ Scarborough, another of the low I.Q. individuals!’

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