Donald Trump Denies He Hates Taking Pics With Daughter Tiffany Because She Is Overweight!

Donald Trump Denies He Hates Taking Pics With Daughter Tiffany Because She Is Overweight!
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Soon after his now-fired assistant Madeline Westerhout allegedly claimed the president hates being photographed alongside his younger daughter, Tiffany because of her weight, Donald Trump denied it! Here’s what the controversial man had to say!

Madeline supposedly declared off the record that Trump does not like posing with Tiffany as he perceives her as ‘overweight.’

That being said, the reporters just had to question him about the outrageous headline-making news.

So, as he was leaving the White House to fly to Camp David for the Labor Day weekend, he told paparazzi that ‘I love Tiffany’ and that she is a ‘great person’ before slamming Madeline’s alleged accusations as ‘absolutely false’ and ‘hurtful.’

The Donald also told reporters that he was planning to have a chat with his youngest daughter soon, probably to make sure she doesn’t believe the allegations and get hurt.

The whole thing started with a report by Politico.

The outlet claimed that Madeline was enjoying dinner at the Embassy Suites hotel’s restaurant alongside Bloomberg’s Jennifer Jacobs, Washington Post’s Phil Rucker, Reuters’ Steve Holland as well as the Wall Street Journal’s Andrew Restuccia.

That is when the 28-year-old supposedly opened up about the President’s perception of Tiffany aside from spilling other such secrets while Deputy White House Press Secretary Hogan Gidley left for less than one hour to give an interview for Fox News.

The now-fired assistant apparently also told the reporters that she had a better relationship with Donald than both of his daughters.

‘She had a couple of drinks and in an uncharacteristically unguarded moment, she opened up to the reporters,’ the site reported.

Soon after the news made way to the public, outraged people reacted on social media.

Here are a few of their comments on the matter: ‘POS Donald Trump won’t pose with daughter Tiffany because he thinks she’s fat. WTF kind of father does that to a child?’ / ‘Donald Trump is showing that there is no low for him as a human being as his former personal assistant said that Trump thinks his own daughter is fat.’ / ‘Funny that you call Tiffany fat, have you looked in the mirror lately? Cause she’s skinny as a rail compared to you.’

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