Donald Trump Claims Tom Brady Struck Out With Ivanka Trump

Donald Trump Claims Tom Brady Struck Out With Ivanka Trump
Credit: Source: ABC

Donald Trump allegedly gave Tom Brady a hard time for striking out with his daughter, Ivanka Trump. Jason Miller, who used to work as a campaign advisor to Trump, says that the NFL quarterback attempted to get with Ivanka prior to marrying Gisele Bündchen.

Trump reportedly brought the subject up in 2016 when he called Brady to wish him well on his birthday. Miller claims that Brady did not answer Trump's phone call, so he left a voicemail on his phone.

"You're the greatest of all time, you're the best," Trump allegedly told Brady. "There was one thing you weren't able to do: Ivanka chose Jared. That's the only thing that you weren't able to win at."

There is no telling if Brady actually pursued Ivanka or not, but things ended up working out with Bündchen anyway. The pair tied the knot in 2009 — which is the same time that Ivanka exchanged vows with Jared Kushner — and share two children. Brady has a third child from a previous relationship with Bridget Moynahan.

According to AOL , Trump and Brady have been good friends for years. They originally met in the early 2000s after Brady judged a beauty pageant Trump helped organize. Brady and Trump reportedly struck up a friendship at the event and maintained a relationship until the 2016 election season.

Brady received a lot of backlash after fans spotted a Make America Great Again baseball hat in his locker. The NFL star later told reporters that Trump is a "good friend" and that he is impressed with everything he has accomplished over the years. After getting even more negative criticism, this time from wife, Brady backtracked a little.

The New England Patriots captain told the media that he does not agree with all of Trump's policies, despite their ongoing friendship. After the Patriots won it all in 2017, Brady opted to skip the team visit to the White House, citing an illness in the family. It is unclear if Brady will go to Washington after winning this year's Super Bowl.

Tom Brady has not commented on Donald Trump’s claims he struck out with Ivanka.


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