Donald Trump claims he's a victim of media

Donald Trump claims he's a victim of media
Credit: Source: The Independent

On Friday, Donald Trump took advantage of a campaign speech in North Carolina to deliver an attack to all women who have accused him of unwelcomed advances and sexual assault. He declared that they are just liars and fame-seekers, while he is a victim of a huge conspiracy started by the media and by Hillary Clinton.

While he was speaking at a rally, Trump said all the allegations were "total fiction". In the recent past, there have been more and more women claiming that he made sexual advances to them that they did not want, or that he groped them. However, the candidate for presidency did not bring any evidence to show that they are lying.

He just attacked their motives, even suggesting that they might have been paid to make such claims. Trump even referred to a particular woman, called Jessica Leeds, who claimed that he had groped her while they were on an airplane back in the 80s. He said that he finds her horrible and that he wouldn't have been interested in her at all.

Similarly, heattacked Natasha Stoynoff, who previously wrote for the People magazine and who accused the presidential candidate of making her sexual advance while she was taking him an interview. Trump told people to just go and check her Facebook page and then they'll understand.

His accusations did not stop here and he went on to talk about The New York Times and Carlos Slim (who is a Mexican billionaire that owns the largest part of the common shares of the publication), saying that he also conspired together with Hillary Clinton's campaign in order to strengthen their grip on the country.

All in all, there's no surprise that Trump is making again controversial declarations and that he is attacking almost everybody else, especially his opponent.


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