Donald Trump Cancels Several Campaign Rallies Due To COVID-19 Scare

Donald Trump Cancels Several Campaign Rallies Due To COVID-19 Scare
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Reported first by The Hollywood Reporter, the outlet claims that Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders have shut down their scheduled rallies for the foreseeable future. This Thursday, the president of the United States of America, also did the same thing.

Supporters and detractors of the Republican president alike know that his rallies have been one of his most potent weapons while on the campaign trail. Outlets have claimed that Trump gives speeches to blow off steam and also criticize his political enemies. Furthermore, it supposedly allows his team to collect personal data about their voters.

Both Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are the lead contenders in the upcoming presidential election. While at the White House earlier this week, the president explained that he and his team decided on shutting down three of them in Nevada, and there were four or five more of them where they intend to do the same.

Initially, Trump was supposed to visit the Western United States like Nevada and Colorado, but the trip was canceled not long after he addressed the nation on Wednesday night about the coronavirus outbreak

Campaign officials spoke on Thursday and came to the conclusion that it was best to postpone the rallies due to the fact much of Trump's base is at a vulnerable age.

Reportedly, the coronavirus symptoms are similar to regular influenza strains that commonly cause sickness and death in the United States on a yearly basis. For instance, influenza typically poses the largest health risks to people over 60-years-of-age. It can sometimes lead to severe cases of pneumonia and then even death.

Younger people, however, are far less likely to die from the virus. They are commonly expected to recover in approximately two weeks, while others may take around 3-6 weeks to fully recuperate.

The news of the campaign rally cancelation also comes shortly after the National Hockey League shut down the remainder of the season. Furthermore, Coachella and South By Southwest Film Festival did the same, and the Cannes Film Festival is currently considering it.

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