Donald Trump Calls Rioters 'Special,' His Twitter Gets Suspended And More Updates On The US Capitol Protests!

Donald Trump Calls Rioters 'Special,' His Twitter Gets Suspended And More Updates On The US Capitol Protests!
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Following the riots at the US Capitol, Donald Trump took to his favorite platform, Twitter , to share a rant that got his account suspended for at least 12 hours! Check out the details and more updates on what's been going on!

It all started with three of Trump's tweets getting removed for 'repeated and severe violations of [Twitter's] Civic Integrity policy,' followed by his whole account getting 'locked' for 12 hours.

What got him in trouble on the platform was posting a video in response to the riots in which the Donald called the rioters 'special.'

Furthermore, he once again insisted that the election win was 'stolen' from him and that the votes that got Joe Biden's presidential victory were 'fraudulent.'

While none of this has been proven despite Trump appealing the result in different legal ways without success, his supporters have gathered at the US Capitol, managing to get past police and guards.

Violence has taken place as well, disturbing footage of a woman covered in blood and being resuscitated while getting rolled out of the building airing live on MSNBC.

It was later reported that she's tragically lost her life after getting shot in the chest.

Another update, as per HollywoodLife, says that the full forces of the National Guard have now been finally deployed since the riots show no sign of stopping and are only getting more violent.

Following the suspension of his Twitter, Donald returned with another video in which he did tell the protesters to 'go home' and keep the peace but still vehemently insisted that the election was stolen from him and 'everyone.'

In the meantime, Joe Biden addressed the DC riots as well, delivering a speech that aired on TV.


He stated: 'At this hour, our democracy's under unprecedented assault unlike anything we have seen in modern times. It is an assault on the rule of law like very few times we've ever seen it. The scenes of chaos at the capitol don't reflect true America, they do not represent who we are. I call on the mob to pull back and to allow democracy to go forward. At their best, words of a president can inspire, but at their worst, they can incite.'

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