Donald Trump Calls Al Franken 'Frankenstein' And Blasts Him For Sexual Harassment On Twitter

Donald Trump Calls Al Franken 'Frankenstein' And Blasts Him For Sexual Harassment On Twitter
Credit: Source: Leeann Tweeden/Twitter

President Trump is stirring controversy for a series of tweets aimed at Senator Al Franken. Dubbing the Senator "Frankenstein" the President is finding his tweets are getting a mixed reaction. Senator Franken is currently under fire as a photo of himself groping a sleeping Playboy model turned radio host is going viral. Leeann Tweeden shared a photo showing her asleep while Al Franken held his hands above her chest. The incident took place in 2006 before Franken won the Minnesota Senate seat and during a U.S.O. tour through the Middle East. Tweeden shared her story with the #MeToo hashtag that is used to signify sexual abuse, assault, harassment, or rape.

Unfortunately, the issues of sexual harassment or assault have become politicized. America is extremely polarized and many people are now siding with abusers along political party lines. President Trump, who himself has been caught on tape disparaging women and has a slew of sexual harassment allegations, dove right in to attack Senator Franken.

Many Democrats have come out saying Al Franken should step down and that his behavior is unacceptable as the climate towards sexual harassment, even those that are decades old and from a culture when it was considered normal or flirtatious behavior to grope women without their consent, can cost someone their job.

More people are embracing a no-tolerance policy towards sexual harassment, but what does that mean for President Trump? If Senator Franken should lose his seat, why should Judge Roy Moore and President Trump keep theirs?

President Trump has received numerous comments on his tweets and not many of them are favorable. Some are using the President's own words back at him. The comment section has also erupted into a battled between the right and left as they fight about which side is the more sexually depraved.

Some are now arguing that the left and Democrats are more apt to believe and resolve women who say they have been sexually abused than the right or Republicans. The common threads are now indicating that if sexual harassment or abuse occurs within Democratic circes it will be exposed and dealt with, but if it is within the right or Republican circles it will be covered up and allowed to continue.

What do you think about the differences between sexual abuse, harassment, and assault allegations and the differences between Democrats and Republicans?

Do you think Democrats are doing a better job dealing with sexual harassment claims?

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  • Mo
    Mo Nov 17, 2017 9:21 AM PST

    Trump can't spell Frankenstein. He spelled it Frankenstien. Or nonsense. He spelled it non-sense. What's worse is no one seems to notice.

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