Donald Trump Attorney General Jeff Sessions Confirmed By Tight Senate Vote

Donald Trump Attorney General Jeff Sessions Confirmed By Tight Senate Vote
Washington Times

Donald Trump has finally won on something today, Senator Jeff Sessions, of Alabama, was confirmed as attorney general. The U.S. Senate voted along party lines 52-47 except for Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia backing the most controversial nominee of the Trump administration. The nomination process reached a fever pitch last night with liberal firebrand Elizabeth Warren launching a major attack on Sessions' character, according to conservative groups. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and his Republican colleagues were able to prevent Warren from reading a 1986 statement from Coretta Scott King about Sessions' interactions with the African-American community.

Warren slammed Sessions' qualifications for the job by bringing up his past to the surface. The rising Democratic star believes that the 70-year-old has not changed in the past few decades and still holds the beliefs that the late civil rights icon brought to light in her letter.

The moment was a big victory for Warren, who is now expected to perform well in a potential 2020 presidential primary race. The woman, who almost ended up sharing a ticket with Hillary Clinton, is raising money off her dust-up with Mitch McConnell.

There was also a sexist element to the whole debacle, according to liberals, who do not understand why she was prevented from talking when three of her male Democratic colleagues were able to read the same letter. Since January, the left has been lining up African-Americans who depicted Sessions as a racist person.

The new attorney general defended himself by saying: "The caricature of me in 1986 was not correct. I do not harbor the kind of animosity and race-based discrimination ideas that I was accused of. I did not."

Despite serious attempts, the Democratic party has not been able to block any of Trump's nominees.

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