Donald Trump Allegedly Wants Gold Plated Ride For Trip To London - Here Is The White House's Response

Donald Trump Allegedly Wants Gold Plated Ride For Trip To London - Here Is The White House's Response

On Saturday, according to The Times Of London, President Donald Trump plans to create a gold-plated carriage during his visit to London; this is quite a different set up from the way Obama visited Buckingham Palace in 2011.

When former President Obama went to the Buckingham Palace, he arrived in an armored motorcade meant to protect the politician from would-be attackers.

The Times reported the security forces required to protect Trump would be monstrous, costing taxpayers a lot of money. Allegedly, there will be tens of thousands of political activists expected to descend on the area, and the police are trying to find the balance between Trump's security and the right for citizens to demonstrate.

A spokesperson for the White House said the report by The Times was "completely false."

She added, "We have not even begun working on details for this trip."

Shortly after Donald's inauguration, Queen Elizabeth the Second invited Trump for a State Visit which is a standard invitation from the Queen to American Presidents.

Many British people were not pleased with this invitation, with 1 million people signing a petition to ban him from visiting the country. Despite the appeal, the tour would go ahead as planned anyway due to legality issues.

People are speculating it would be awkward for Trump to visit the royal family due to past grievances and bad words exchanged between the royal family and the President.

Donald previously stated he "didn't want to be lectured by Prince Charles on policy." The President and the Prince differ on several points of policy, most notably climate change. Trump has also made inflammatory remarks regarding the royal family, including Princess Kate and the late Princess Diana.

How do you feel the British public will receive Trump? Do you think it's going to be awkward for the President?


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