Don Lemon Tears Up For Chris Cuomo Amid His Coronavirus Diagnosis

Don Lemon Tears Up For Chris Cuomo Amid His Coronavirus Diagnosis
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The coronavirus has taken the entire world by storm, with many governments strongly advising citizens to stay behind doors, and others banning gatherings altogether. It's clear the virus doesn't discriminate either, considering around a dozen celebrities and entertainers have contracted the illness.

Earlier this week, it was reported that Chris Cuomo was diagnosed with the coronavirus. E! Online claims that many of his co-workers and acquaintances have been rooting for him, including Don Lemon, who recently became visibly emotional about it.

This Tuesday, the 49-year-old anchor revealed to the world that he tested positive for the coronavirus. In a social media upload, Cuomo explained that during these "difficult times," it just got even more challenging, as he discovered he has the coronavirus.

Cuomo said in his post earlier this week that he had come into contact with other people who got the disease, and he subsequently began to notice all kinds of coronavirus symptoms, including chills, shortness of breath, etc.

On television later that evening, his fellow host, Don Lemon, was broadcasting in front of the world and admitted he was feeling "distracted." The CNN analyst, Bianna Golodryga, also live on the program, comforted the host and just told him to "focus on the headlines."

Lemon, while dabbing his eyes with a tissue, joked that Cuomo was probably at home laughing at him. The host goes on to explain that he and Cuomo are actually good friends and live very close to each other.

According to Don, he often stops by Cuomo's place to say "hello" and even brings his dogs sometimes. Like it was noted above, Cuomo isn't the only public figure who has caught the deadly virus.

Stars such as Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, Idris Elba, Prince Charles, and many others have caught COVID-19. Some have even died from it, including Andrew Jack, who passed away earlier this week after contracting COVID-19. Jack is most known for his appearances in the Star Wars franchise and also for being a dialect coach.

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