Don Lemon Says He's All About Taking Care Of His Health These Days - Here's Why

Don Lemon Says He's All About Taking Care Of His Health These Days - Here's Why
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According to Page Six, Don Lemon is all about his health, in fact, he refuses to eat junk food almost entirely. The CNN anchor recently said to the outlet that he's more concerned with nutrition and health now that he's slowly getting older.

Lemon said to reporters from Page Six that he is a "man of a certain age now," and has to make particular changes to his diet, otherwise, he won't fare well for the future. "I would have to cut out the fried food," the CNN anchor remarked.

With that said, however, he still is a "Southern guy" in his soul so he has to eat all of the good southern foods like fried chicken, gumbo, crawfish bisque, crab cakes, hush puppies, french fries, and catfish.

Followers have come to know Don Lemon, especially in the Trump era, for his controversial comments regarding the president, whom he believes to be one of the worst and most damaging politicians in recent memory.

DePaul University professor, Jeffrey McCall, said to reporters from Fox News that Don isn't a traditional anchor, in the original meaning of the term. The professor explained that Don is at the forefront of a TV show in which his opinions are at the primary focus of the program's content.

Reported first by Fox News, the outlet explained his break into broadcasting, including his career start as a reporter who dished on breaking news and major stories. Over time, however, his opinions came to be more respected by the left-wing establishment, especially since Trump's election in 2016.

The academic said to Fox News that Don Lemon's reporting style was emblematic of the way in which CNN has focused primarily on spouting opinions, rather than fact-based news reports. Whether that be true or not, now that Don is in his 50s, his career is at its peak, and his on-air persona is appreciated by his base over.

If he intends to continue giving his opinion at the network, he needs to cut out all of the fried food, and focus more on foods that serve longevity, rather than just his taste.

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