Don Cheadle Talks About How Much Longer He Plans To Stay In The MCU After His Disney+ Show Armor Wars

Don Cheadle Talks About How Much Longer He Plans To Stay In The MCU After His Disney+ Show Armor Wars
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Don Cheadle plays the iconic character War Machine AKA Rhodey in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. At the moment, his character is one of the oldest characters from the MCU that is still active. Of course the character was first played by Terrence Howard in Iron Man and taken over by Don Cheadle in Iron Man 2 after Howard left.

Now, Cheadle's War Machine is getting his own Disney+ series called Armor Wars. The show has been in the works for a while and there have been rumors about it for even longer than that but it was finally confirmed at the D23 Expo where it was announced that the show will have a total of 6 episodes. The plot of the episodes has not been revealed as much but the general speculation is that it will follow a storyline from the Marvel comics where some exclusive Tony Stark Iron Man tech lands in the wrong hands. Rhodey is expected to clean that mess in the upcoming show.

While the show is bound to be exciting, many are wondering whether it will act as a send off to the character. Slowly but surely, most Marvel characters from the earlier phases are taking a bow and making way for new superheroes on screen and fans are wondering whether War Machine will be doing the same.

Actor Don Cheadle commented on War Machine's future in the MCU when he was asked if there is any and whether he would be down to continue playing War Machine in the future if Marvel asked him to. His response while speaking to Yahoo! Entertainment was as follows:

"I just kinda take it as it lies, you know what I mean? [Armor Wars] is something that was pitched to me, was something they wanted to do, and it was interesting and sounded fun. An opportunity to actually do more with this character. So yeah, I'm in. You know, at this point... we know there's going to be more opportunities to do it, nobody's [twisting] anybody's arm. It's like, does this sound like something that would be fun? Is this something where we could really do something that is exciting and is interesting? Cause if not, we don't need to show up."

The response is an open ended one which means there is no telling whether fans will be seeing the last of War Machine in Armor Wars.

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