Don Cheadle Says He Was Pulled Over By The LAPD Constantly After He Moved To LA

Don Cheadle Says He Was Pulled Over By The LAPD Constantly After He Moved To LA
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According to Don Cheadle, the LAPD has pulled him over several times over the course of his life. Page Six picked up on a conversation between Don and Jimmy Fallon this week in which the actor said that he even had guns pointed to his head after police pulled him over.

During his chat with the host of The Tonight Show , Cheadle said that when he first moved to Los Angeles, it was a time when Daryl Gates was in the middle of implementing the "Hammer Program." Reportedly, it was the city's attempt at cracking down on gang violence.

Don claims he was pulled over by the police more times than he can count. According to Cheadle, the police would pull him over so much that he could finish their sentences. For instance, the police would say to him that he fit the description, and Don would often say the very same line before they even had the chance.

According to Cheadle, this was a reoccurring phenomenon and he even had good friends that were nearly killed by the authorities for nothing. The actor went on to say that such a thing didn't happen when he lived in Kansas City, Missouri, but it changed dramatically when his family moved to the suburbs.

Don half-jokingly said that the start of the bullying toward him began when he moved to the suburbs.

He said he slowly began to realize that the police weren't on "Team Don." According to the actor, his own experiences as a black man influenced the way he interpreted the deaths of Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd.

The actor claims he wasn't surprised by the news, especially when taking into consideration his own experiences with the police. Cheadle claimed such occurrences have been happening to black people for years, but they didn't have the video footage to prove it.

"Things that we knew very well were happening. They just weren't being filmed," the actor remarked.

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