Dominique Jackson Says She Was Surprised 'Pose' Became So Successful - Here's Why!

Dominique Jackson Says She Was Surprised 'Pose' Became So Successful - Here's Why!
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‘Pose’ is a huge hit and Dominique Jackson is a big part of the reason why! However, she admitted that at first, she wasn’t sure the show would ever get a fanbase! Here’s why!

While in attendance at the Writers Guild Awards in New York City this past weekend, she chatted with HollywoodLife, telling the site that ‘Yes I am surprised, but I’m very happy for it. Because I never even thought … you see when people talk about being gay or a lesbian, a lot of them are like, ‘OK, I can deal with it.’ And when they talk about, ‘OK, you are a drag queen, I can deal with that’. Because they find a sense of normality, and a sense of a heterosexualism in it.’

‘But when it comes to trans, everybody feels threatened and everything's going to be destroyed and everything's going to be done. So when Pose came out, I had a feeling that as soon as it became this trans thing, they'd not see us as the women and the men we are. And that was really difficult in the beginning’ she went on to explain.

However, it’s safe to say that nowadays, she is not as worried since the great show has received quite a lot of great reviews, both from critics and viewers.

As you probably know, Pose is all about the Black and Latino LGBTQ and gender nonconforming ballroom culture in the 1980s and 1990s!

The show has also received a number of nominations and awards, including Billy Porter’s Primetime Emmy Award in the Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series category, last year.

His victory became a historical one since Porter is now the first openly gay black man to win that particular award in that category.

This major honor meant a lot for Dominique as well.

Asked how she felt hearing Billy’s name being called at the awards show, she revealed: ‘My first reaction was finally, yes, thank you, God. So many people in America now, are going to be going to their sons and saying, ‘It is okay for you to be you.'’

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