Dolly Parton Says Her Husband Does Not Like Her Music!

Dolly Parton Says Her Husband Does Not Like Her Music!
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It turns out that a married couple doesn’t necessarily need to love the same genre of music to stay together. That being said, that seems to be the case even when one of them makes the said music the other is not a big fan of!

At least that is how it happened with country singer Dolly Parton and her husband, Carl Dean!

Parton was a guest on Good Morning Britain yesterday, and she discussed the 9 to 5: The Musical premiere in London’s West End.

While there, she also let it be known that her life partner is not interested in her hit songs at all!

When asked if it was true that Dean has seen Dolly perform only once during her long career, the star admitted that ‘He’s not necessarily one of the biggest fans of my music. He is proud of me and loves that I love what I do but … it is a touchy subject. I am like his little girl and he worries about that.’

Even so, back in 2016, the two celebrated no less than 50 years since their wedding!

So is there any surprise that the singer did not hesitate to defend her hubby?

‘He does not dislike it, but does not go out of his way to play my records, let’s put it that way,’ she insisted.

Dolly then assured her many fans that while Dean may prefer Led Zeppelin over her songs, their marriage is still very strong.

‘The fact that we like and we respect each other, we have always had a good time. He is crazy, and I am crazy. We laugh a lot, and I think that is the healthiest and most precious part of our relationship,’ Dolly dished. A match made in heaven!

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