Dolly Parton Dishes Goddaughter Miley Cyrus At Celebration Of Her 50 Years As Grand Ole Opry Member

Dolly Parton Dishes Goddaughter Miley Cyrus At Celebration Of Her 50 Years As Grand Ole Opry Member
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Dolly Parton dished all about her goddaughter Miley Cyrus's latest relationship drama at a celebration honoring the country singer.

The Steel Magnolias actress was being honored for 50-years as a member of the Grand Old Opry. Parton chatted with Extra correspondent Alecia Davis on the incredible honor, as well as her headline-making goddaughter.

"I've been excited about this whole week and having 50 years as a member of the Grand Ole Opry. With all the wonderful friends and stars that are going to help me celebrate this, why not be excited and enjoy every bit of it? That was my dream as a child, to sing at the Opry and become a member," Parton said of being part of such a legacy.

There is no question the iconic singer has had an extortionary career. She tackled the country music scene at a time when it was male-dominated. Parton parlayed her music success into a successful acting career, another thing that was unheard of when the 73-year-old burst into showbiz.

Parton's work has generations of families bonding today over her music and acting. She was also honored at the Grammy's last year.

Kacey Musgraves, Katy Perry, Cyrus, Maren Morris, and Little Big Town all appeared on stage to honor Parton, who also took part in the tribute. It was an iconic performance worthy of the legendary star.

The Korean pop band BTS was caught on camera mouthing the words to her hit song, 'Jolene' when it was performed. She admitted later watching the boys get into her music was "so cool."

Dolly Parton is godmother to Miley Cyrus, so the interview could not be concluded without asking about the 'Wrecking Ball' singer. After all, Cyrus has been having some crazy relationship drama the past couple of months.

"Miley is Miley. Miley is living her life. If she ain't got drama, she will create it, 'cause she's a living soul. She is like me. Miley is so talented. She has a good head on her shoulders. I think she does some stuff just for shock value, and just because she's young, she can afford that. I will never, ever bad-mouth Miley, no matter what she does. I just always hope she comes out the other end, alright," Parton admitted.

It has been quite a year for Parton, full of legendary celebrations honoring a true trailblazer in country music.

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