Doja Cat Will Release A New Song Called 'NAS' In Response To The Rapper's 'Ultra-Black' Diss

Doja Cat Will Release A New Song Called 'NAS' In Response To The Rapper's 'Ultra-Black' Diss
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A report from Hot New Hip Hop says Doja Cat may be officially responding to Nas' new song, "Ultra-Black," in which the rapper accused Doja Cat of being ashamed of her ethnicity and heritage.

In a couple of hours, Nas intends to drop his new record, King's Disease , but earlier this week, he released his new single, " Ultra-Black ." The song clearly was a shout-out to black people everywhere and the importance of being unashamed.

The bar that caught Doja Cat's attention was, "unapologetically black/the opposite of Doja Cat." Clearly, Nas was poking fun at the rapper's various controversies, including her choice of language and criticisms of the African-American community and the culture.

Not long after the song came out, Doja Cat referenced the single on her social media account. She took to her Instagram to share a video of herself with "Ultra-Black" playing in the background. Doja Cat turns to the camera and says, "Oh my god, I find this so offensive."

However, she goes on to reference an entirely different song from a band called, "The Wiggles. " On the 20th of August, Thursday, Doja Cat revealed she was going to drop her own song called, "NAS," which she said was an acronym.

As most know fans of the artist know, Doja Cat has been in a number of scandals since she first came to prominence. The rapper has been accused of hanging out with racists in chat rooms and also putting other racial groups on blast on her social media.

Furthermore, Doja Cat also touched on the coronavirus pandemic, saying how she didn't take the virus all that seriously. Many of her social media followers criticized the rapper, accusing her of doing serious damage to those around her.

To make things even more complicated, Doja Cat later admitted she had contracted COVID-19 and described its symptoms for everyone to hear. A lot of her haters took pleasure in the fact she contracted the illness, but she ultimately appeared unbothered by it.


Doja Cat previously emphasized that she wasn't encouraging anyone to disobey the government guidelines, she merely thought the severity of COVID-19 was overblown.

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