Doja Cat Responds To Online Haters Who Accuse Her Of Being Racist And Ugly

Doja Cat Responds To Online Haters Who Accuse Her Of Being Racist And Ugly
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Doja Cat is certainly no stranger to controversy these days. Hot New Hip Hop reported on a post from the singer-songwriter recently in which she addressed some of the social media vitriol against her due to the racial controversy she found herself in earlier this year.

As it was previously reported, the rapper was accused of being a racist this past month after it was revealed she visited chat rooms used by supposed racists.

Moreover, Twitter users found another song from her with the title, "Dindu Nuffin," a term that mocks black people who say they're merely innocent victims of police officers. Despite her apologies, many people on the internet still haven't forgiven her.

For that reason, she addressed the remarks once again. On the 24th of June, Wednesday, Doja Cat took to her IG Live to call out the trolls who had been making fun of her for her black features. The singer-songwriter said on her account that mocking people for their attributes was racist, in itself.

Additionally, the singer spoke on the purported irony of social media users accusing her of racism, while at the same time, mocking her features that are predominantly black. Doja Cat went on to say that she already felt bad enough about herself, and now they're only trying to make her feel worse.

Furthermore, Doja Cat claimed she suddenly realized the importance of her position in society, especially in relation to her large social media platform. She said she hated the idea of young fans of hers using inappropriate words and terminology just because she used them.

She went on to add that the social media users who say she is ugly are guilty of the very same things they're trying to stop. She claimed their words are only going to make other young black women think they're ugly. She said, "so, therefore, you don't give a f*ck about black people."

In case you missed it, Doja Cat found herself in serious trouble in the media after she took to her Twitter to mock Arab-Americans. She joked on her Twitter account that they should go back to their country and "blow up a car or something."

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