Doja Cat Responds To Diss On 'Ultra-Black' From Rapper Nas

Doja Cat Responds To Diss On 'Ultra-Black' From Rapper Nas
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Yesterday, it was reported that her fellow rapper, Nas , put Doja Cat on blast in his new black-pride song, "Ultra-Black." As most know, Doja Cat has come under fire in the hip-hop world as well as in the black community for participating in online chat rooms among other transgressions.

Nas dropped a new single in reference to some of her controversies. In one of the bars, Nas suggested Doja Cat was struggling to accept her identity as a black woman, moreover, he insinuated that Doja Cat evidently is not proud to be black. He wrote, "we goin' ultra-black/the opposite of Doja Cat."

Reportedly, the internet has been divided thus far on Nas' new song because he also addressed the abuse allegations against Kelis, which he has already addressed before. With all that being said, Doja Cat didn't appear too offended by the bar.

She took to her Instagram Live this week to share a video of herself with Nas' new song playing in the background. You can check out what she had to say in the Instagram video below:

Put simply, Doja Cat clearly doesn't care too much about what Nas had to say. As it was previously reported, Doja Cat has been taking heat on social media for a number of reasons over the last few months, including the chat-room controversy as well as some of her tweets.

For instance, she joked about an Arab at a gas station, writing, "go blow up a car or something lol." Furthermore, social media users weren't happy when she suggested she wasn't overly concerned about the coronavirus pandemic.

Doja Cat said she wasn't urging or encouraging people to not take the virus seriously. She just said it wasn't a big deal even if she caught it, which did end up happening.


The rapper said on her social media that she tested positive for the coronavirus, and many of her followers had a field day with the news. She wound up being just fine though, although, she did claim the symptoms were fairly unpleasant.

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