Doja Cat Receives A Ton Of Backlash For TikTok Making Fun Of Amber Heard's Testimony

Doja Cat Receives A Ton Of Backlash For TikTok Making Fun Of Amber Heard's Testimony
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Doja Cat is extremely popular in this generation for her wild music and even wilder tastes in dressing. She's one of the biggest pop stars of our generation. Although Doja has been a fan favorite for many years, there are circumstances where she finds herself trending for controversies.

Recently, Doja Cat got on the internet's bad side as she made fun of Amber Heard 's testimony. Amber Heard in her testimony spoke about an alleged cavity search that Johnny Depp had done on her as well as her dog stepping on a bee on the way to a vet.

A clip of the moment had gone viral on social media. Several people had made fun of the incident containing the wince that Amber Heard had while talking about the circumstance. Doja Cat thought it would funny to mock Amber Heard's testimony on TikTok. She was talking about her incident which was similar but matched the wince that Amber had done. The video has now been deleted however not before many fans saw it.

Fans were very disappointed with Doja Cat after the video. The criticism was heavy for Doja Cat. Many of her fans went to Twitter to call out the singer saying that her attempt to make fun of Amber was not funny at all.

The fans believed that Doja had such a large platform and she was using it to make fun of someone going through a hard time was unbelievable and disappointing. However, many fans also took Doja Cat's side. One fan said that Doja's dog had gotten stung by a bee and now everyone was interested in acting like an activist. Another fan said maybe Doja was just making fun of the meme that had been made over Amber and she wasn't fully aware of the trial.

The Amber Heard and Johnny Depp trial started after Amber Heard had posted an opinion article about being a domestic abuse survivor but had not mentioned the name of her abuser. Johnny Depp stated that she had ruined his career with the false allegations.


Fans were very upset with Doja Cat's actions however since the video has been deleted, fans will probably forget about it in a while.

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