Doja Cat Puts Her Curves On Full Display In Chain And Swarovski Crystal Two Piece Bathing Suit — See The Look

Doja Cat Puts Her Curves On Full Display In Chain And Swarovski Crystal Two Piece Bathing Suit — See The Look
Credit: Source: Doja Cat/Instagram

Doja Cat is putting her curves on full display and fans are here for the sexy look.  The outfit is for the new "Del Mar" video with Ozuna, Doja Cat , and Sia and there's no question that Doja wore some amazing outfits. Portraying an underwater mermaid/goddess, Doja Cat wore a customized bikini featuring chains and Swarovski crystals. In the photo that you may see below, designer Natalia Fedner compares Doja Cat to Boticelli's Venus and she certainly seemed to draw inspiration for the look from the classic painting. Even Doja Cat's hair is reminiscent of Venus' long, auburn locks, only Doja Cat opted for icy white hair that was more in line with her crystal look.

Celebrity stylist Brett Alan Nelson is the genius behind Doja's look and the result was fabulous. Brett shared several photos of Doja Cat on his official Instagram page and some were surprised to see that Doja really filmed in water as opposed to using a green screen.

Doja accessorized the chain and crystal bikini with plenty of jewels including pearls and diamonds for a truly extravagant look.

You may see a photo of Doja Cat as well as a model wearing the bikini before it was customized below.

You may see a photo slideshow that Doja Cat shared on her official Instagram account where she showed off several of the looks. Doja Cat has 7.6 million followers and the photo album has more than 1.6 million likes.

Brett Alan Nelson gave a thorough breakdown of Doja Cat's looks. You may see that caption below.

@dojacat ft in the new @ozuna + @sia #MUSICVIDEO for #DELMAR - #dojacat LOOK 1 #CUSTOM #collaboration with @houseofmalakai , #diamonds from @doraziopr and shoes from @femme_la.
LOOK TWO @nataliafedner bikini and #jewerly by @loreerodkin .
LOOK 3 #CUSTOM #collaboration with genius man @chrishabana . #NAILART BY @eichimatsunaga
#GLAM @sacciadidthat @anthonyhnguyenmakeup @jstayready_ #doja #cat #ozuna #sia #meow #mermaid #frozen

You may see the "Del Mar" video below.

What do you think about Doja Cat's mermaid outfit?

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