Doja Cat Continuing To Fight Against Social Media Users Who Say She's Racist

Doja Cat Continuing To Fight Against Social Media Users Who Say She's Racist
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If there is one thing for certain, it's that Doja Cat can't get a break from her social media haters. Hot New Hip Hop said today that Doja Cat can't go on Twitter without facing a frenzy of commenters who won't let her forget what she has said and done.

As it was previously reported, Doja Cat has been fighting against an onslaught of haters ever since it was alleged that she had been hanging out in a chat room with supposed white supremacists as well as social media-dubbed "incels."

Doja Cat has since denied this accusation, although, she did come out with an apology that didn't exactly extinguish the flames of social media's wrath. These days, Doja Cat is keeping her head down low although many people aren't in her corner anymore, at least as far as social media has portrayed.

Doja Cat dropped a statement earlier today in which she pointed to the alleged hypocrisy that exists in the hip-hop world and the black community.

She insinuated that she had a lot of people in the black community who wanted to count her as a "black artist" once she was successful, but after she faced controversy, she then became a "white artist." You can check out this tweet below:

Afterward, other fans asked her what she was doing hanging out with supposed white supremacists in a chat room. Doja Cat wrote in response that there didn't exist a world in which legitimately hateful racists would even want to be around black people.

Users then went on to point out the purported "complexity" of white supremacy. Doja Cat subsequently deleted her tweet and said her official response was knowing the truth of who she really is.

As it was noted above, Doja Cat hasn't been able to catch a break ever since it was reported that she was hanging around the darker corners of the internet.

The performing artist has since accused some of her Twitter followers of being hypocritical racists, themselves, for the way in which some of them have mocked her black features.

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