Dog The Bounty Hunter's New Girlfriend Speaks: 'I Love You Duane Lee'

Dog The Bounty Hunter's New Girlfriend Speaks: 'I Love You Duane Lee'
Credit: Source: US Weekly

Duane Dog Chapman has found a new girlfriend. It turns out that they have a lot in common.

After losing his wife Beth Chapman to cancer last year, Dog the Bounty Hunter went through a stage where he didn't want to take care of himself because he didn't want to live anymore.

Although it might be a controversial subject, his 'friendship' with Beth's former assistant Moon Angell may have saved his life. However, Moon as moved out and there is a new woman in his life now that fans were introduced to by his daughter Lyssa .

Lyssa, along with her sister, defended their dad from haters who thought he was moving on too fast. Now, Francie Frane is making it clear that she could never replace Beth -- just as Dog could never replace her late husband who also passed away last year.

Frane declared her love for the reality star via Instagram.

'Thank You All So Much for all the encouraging comments, Dog & I appreciate it so much. We know God brought us together and have no doubts about that AT ALL !!'


She went on to talk about how neither of their former spouses could be replaced.

'And we don’t want to … What we do know is that God has brought two people who walked a treacherous road together and shown us LOVE is possible again. And as wonderful, loving and kind as you all think Dog is HE IS & MORE!! I LOVE YOU DUANE LEE.'

This comes after he told The Sun that he was dating again.

'It’s a God relationship because it’s just like a miracle. It’s a miracle how we met and it’s a miracle how great we’re getting along.'

What do you think about Dog the Bounty Hunter's relationship? Do you think they will last?


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