Dog The Bounty Hunter Delivers Emotional Eulogy At Beth Chapman's Hawaiian Funeral

Dog The Bounty Hunter Delivers Emotional Eulogy At Beth Chapman's Hawaiian Funeral
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Dog the Bounty Hunter delivered a touching eulogy at his late wife, Beth Chapman’s traditional Hawaiian funeral, something she wished to have after death. The reality TV star really loved her life in Hawaii and Duane wanted to honor that.

It was Beth’s dying wish and so, Dog made sure to make it happen.

The memorial included a Hawaiian ‘Oli chant, as well as a prayer and a paddle out to the ocean.

Very beautiful and serene way to say goodbye to a loved one.

So, while celebrating Beth’s life alongside family members and their closest of friends, Dog delivered a touching eulogy to his beloved wife.

Among other things, he mentioned how she made him promise he’d do the Hawaiian ceremony right for her.

He shared that when he buried his mom in Hilo, a tribesman named him an official Hawaiian due to his mother being ‘part of the land, the sea, the sky and the rain’ there.’

He continued: ‘And now Beth is going to be placed here too. She got there before I did, my island,’ Dog told the crowd as they giggled at the irony.

He went on to joke about the many reports about her passing, saying that: ‘I can’t help but say this, 16 million hits she got on the KHON website. She’s laughing at me saying ‘beat that big daddy.’ It’s unbelievable.’

As for her dying wish, Duane said that she finally called him Dog in order to persuade him.

‘And she said ‘please, Hawaiian style Duane Dog Chapman,’ —  I tried to get her to call me Dog for so many years — she said please do this right. She loved Hawaii and she loved the people.’


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