Dog The Bounty Hunter Accused Of Blackmailing His Daughter By Revealing Her Suicide Attempts

Dog The Bounty Hunter Accused Of Blackmailing His Daughter By Revealing Her Suicide Attempts
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Just days after it was revealed that Moon Angell is here to stay in Dog the Bounty Hunter's life, one of his daughters is accusing him of a shocking act. Baby Lyssa claims that she was threatened by her own father.

Allegedly, Dog attempted to blackmail her in a series of tweets sent out by Lyssa recently. The 32-year-old says that her father said he would tell the world about her suicide attempts.

She has seemed to stop placing blame on Moon Angell and her troubled son and will be holding Dog accountable for himself.

'Been trying so hard to blame a con-artist and her drug addicted son for your actions. Now I realize, you're just a bastard. I've been fighting an evil when in reality it's all you. It's always been you. YOU are the common denominator. ... Take your best shot. Tell the world about my suicide attempts. Tell the world all my problems you try to blackmail me. I'll tell the world myself. All my problems, my flaws. I own them all ?! HOW ABOUT YOU ?!' she said in one series of tweets that have now been deleted.

In another, she added: 'Speaking to my dad last night he threatened to tell the world about me suicide attempts, So I feel I have to tell the truth myself, before him as his GF can come out against me. Everything I've done I admit to. I'm NOT perfect. I have a history, I have CPTSD, I have relationship problems. I've messed up and will continue to. But I'll never be blackmailed. I'd admit to everything. Because I to learn from my mistakes.'

Lyssa went on to say that she is doing because she wants to admit her 'mistakes' and 'flaws' and challenged her dad to come at her.

This comes after it was reported that Moon Angell has become a fixture in his life in helping him deal with Beth Chapman's passing. Both Baby Lyssa and his other daughter Cicely Chapman have spoken out about the woman.

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