Does Kit Harington's Wife Rose Leslie Know How Game Of Thrones Will End?

Does Kit Harington's Wife Rose Leslie Know How Game Of Thrones Will End?
Credit: Source: Us Weekly

HBO has gone to great lengths in keeping the final season of Game of Thrones tightly under wraps. Even the show's stars are taking a hard line against spoilers, and Kit Harington is no exception.

Although Harington's wife, Rose Leslie, starred on the show for several seasons, she has no idea how Game of Thrones will end this spring. The actor claims that he has an "understanding" with Leslie and has not told her who will win the Iron Throne.

According to the Evening Standard , part of the reason Harington hasn't spoiled the ending is because he does not want to ruin the excitement for Leslie. The GOT star revealed that he does everything in his power to avoid spoilers and that most of his friends don't really want to know what happens anyway.

"Me and [Rose] and my friends all have an understanding now, which is that you don’t really want to know, even if you push me too hard," he explained.

That said, some of Harington's friends are constantly trying to get him to reveal plot details. More specifically, they always want to know which character will end up ruling Westeros at the end, which isn't all that surprising. Fortunately, we only have a few more months to wait until we all find out what really happens.

While Harington refuses to say anything about the Iron Throne, he assured fans they will shed a few tears during the series finale. Harington also revealed how he plans on watching the final series. The actor said that he is torn between throwing a huge party and watching it all by himself.

Harington is currently starring in the London-based play, True West .

He is also reprising his role as Eret in the movie, How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World . Given everything he has been through playing Jon Snow the past eight years, Harington is looking forward to more lighthearted roles.

Fans can watch Kit Harington in action when the final season of Game of Thrones airs this April on HBO.


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