Does Blac Chyna Have Botched Lips? Has She Gone Overboard With Lip Injections?

Does Blac Chyna Have Botched Lips? Has She Gone Overboard With Lip Injections?
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Has Blac Chyna botched her lips? Has she gone overboard with lip injections? This is the subject of an article in the upcoming March 16, 2020, issue of Life & Style. According to the magazine, Blac Chyna is sporting a much fuller pout than in previous years, but now her upper lip appears larger than her bottom lip. This has caused some to say that she has used too much filler. While many of the Kardashians and Jenners are known for drawing the outline of their lips outside of the natural line to create the illusion of big lips, the article suggests this isn't what is going on. Instead of using makeup to create the look, the article indicates that this is the work of fillers.

Life & Style spoke with plastic surgeon Dr. Manish Shah, who indicated that the 31-year-old mother of two has taken things too far.

Dr. Shah stated the following to the publication.

"There's no nice way to say it, her lips are cartoonish and overfilled. When someone has had too much filler, over time, it stretches and weighs down the skin, and they end up needing more filler with each trip to the plastic surgeon!"

The report comes as Blac Chyna continues to promote her makeup line Lashed and her lipstick brand. Blac Chyna just released several videos in the promotion of her Joi matte lipstick.

Blac Chyna shared several other photos wearing a short pixie style with side-swept bangs. As she spoke about the source of her joy being her smile.

She shared the following video and caption.

Joi matte lipstick 🍑 @lashedcosmetics ( click link in the bio) Joi is coral strawberry pink matte. It’s highly pigmented, soft, and weightless. It contains a moisturizing and waterproof formula that is nondrying and long lasting. One to two swipes on the lips will deliver full-coverage. With dedication and commitment to providing our clients the best, Lashed developed a great signature packaging to compliment this product.

What do you think about Life & Style's report and the quote from Dr. Manish Shah? Do you agree with him that her lips look as if they have been overfilled?

Are you a fan of Blac Chyna's makeup line Lashed Cosmetics?

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