Does Below Deck's Chef Adrian Regret His Creepy Comments To Laura Betancourt

Does Below Deck's Chef Adrian Regret His Creepy Comments To Laura Betancourt
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The yacht crew on Bravo's Below Deck usually form close friendships by the end of the charter season. This closeness tends to spawn a litany of inside jokes and playful banter. But occasionally those jokes cross the line and make everyone feel uncomfortable — which is exactly what happened between Adrian Martin and Laura Betancourt this season.

As fans will recall, Martin made a few sexually insensitive comments towards Betancourt as the charter season was winding down. During a confessional, Betancourt admitted that the comments made her uncomfortable, despite her attempts to brush them off and move on.

Once things started to get really awkward between the friends, Betancourt finally confronted the Below Deck Chef about what happened. Betancourt called Martin's jokes inappropriate and asked him to stop. In response, he told Betancourt that he thought she understood he was only joking.

Martin went on to explain how talking about sex is commonplace in his Caribbean hometown. He was also confused about how Betancourt seemingly laughed at his jokes, which he apparently mistook as a positive sign.

At the end of the day, Martin apologized to Betancourt for making her feel uncomfortable. He also thanked her for bringing it to his attention and promised that it would never happen again.

After the episode aired, Betancourt and Martin took to Twitter to clarify what happened. They both explained to fans how they were only seeing half the story and that their friendship was a lot stronger than what was displayed on the show. Martin also revealed that some of his comments were edited in a way to make them seem worse than they actually were.

Aside from defending himself, Martin expressed serious regret about his actions and told fans that he would have never made the jokes if he knew if would make anyone feel uncomfortable.

"Yes I would have never made that joke if I had imagined that it would cause so many people grief.." he shared. "It was never my intention to offend anyone in any way!"

The Season 6 Below Deck reunion airs Tuesday night on Bravo.

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