Doctor Believes Kate Middleton Suffers from Bulimia

Doctor Believes Kate Middleton Suffers from Bulimia

Kate Middleton is already known for her nice figure but it looks like lately she has gone to extremes to lose weight and now it’s affecting her health.

Kate has been photographed by the paparazzi with bandages on her fingers more than once. What could have possibly caused the Princess to hurt her hands like that?

Not to mention that when she is not wearing the bandages, her hands have visible cuts.

The last time the cuts were seen on her was yesterday, January 24th when Princess Kate visited a children's hospice in Norfolk, UK.

Fans of the royal family are worried about Kate and have alleged that the cuts are a sign of bulimia. The cuts appearing specifically on fingers are known as Russell's sign.

“It’s very common for women who suffer from bulimia to have cuts on their fingers and hands because they’re inducing vomiting, they are putting their fingers down their throat and will bite down on their fingers and knuckles," Dr. Stuart Fischer stated.

"It’s highly suspicious that she is wearing band-aids on her hands so frequently. It’s extremely unlikely she would be injured repetitively in these places on her hands. Kate would have to be a carpenter or someone opening oysters or clams for a living!"

If Middleton really wants to lose some weight then she is definitely successful at it because she is slowly turning into a skeleton.

She is often featured in the headlines of publications for her worrisome skinny frame, and even looked super-skinny just days after giving birth to her babies.

Dr. Fisher highlighted the extreme dangerous natures of purging, saying:

"It’s a frightful and damaging way to lose weight," the doctor said.

According to reports, Prince William’s mother, Princess Diana had also suffered from bulimia for years.

"She’s got the best chefs in Europe, she might feel immense pressure under the spotlight but it’s better than being under the ground in Westminster Abbey!"


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