Do You Want To Be One Of Tiny Harris' Ryders? Here's What You Have To Do

Do You Want To Be One Of Tiny Harris' Ryders? Here's What You Have To Do
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It was recently reported that Tiny Harris has a bedroom persona whom she calls Ryder . She addressed the issue in a video and T.I. hopped into the discussion as well.

Long story short, Ryder seems to be Tiny’s freaky side, and Tip is not here for Tiny’s decision of making her alter ego public.

Tip opened up about his insecurities on an episode of  T.I. & Tiny: Friends and Family Hustle .

Tip said that Tiny created Ryder for him, and not the world. As it was already reported Tiny plans to bring this 'Ryder' on stage for her performances.

Now, Tip's wife is looking for more 'Ryders' to join her, and she's letting people know what they have to do in order to apply for the racy role .

'Looking for talent! If u got it..bring it!! #TinysRyders 👑🎶⭐️' Tiny captioned her post. Fans jumped for hoy in the comments section and a lot of ladies said that they will definitely give this a go.

Someone believes that 'Giving opportunity to others is a sign of a tender soul and a confident spirit ♡'

In other news, Tiny's fans were excited to learn that their favorite star has recently released a new single and they made sure to show their complete support for Tip’s wife on social media.

Tiny also told everyone that she’s grateful for all the support she received and she blew fans’ minds away with a video showing off her outfit that she wore while celebrating.

T.I.’s wife looks stunning in the  clip that she shared on social media  and fans agree.

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  • Matilda Baker
    Matilda Baker May 9, 2019 5:44 AM PDT

    God Bless you your Family been threw a lot and you sister in law who was like a sister was the best on the show she was so loving and funny and most of all she kept everything 💯 the love she gave the family was so amazing she lives I my heart and I share tips Birthday Sept 25 God Bless your Family I love the show it real life

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