'Do It For Your Abuela, Grandaddy, Big Momma, And Pop Pop' — Surgeon General Jerome Adams Slammed For How He Speaks To Minorities At Coronavirus Briefings

'Do It For Your Abuela, Grandaddy, Big Momma, And Pop Pop' — Surgeon General Jerome Adams Slammed For How He Speaks To Minorities At Coronavirus Briefings
Credit: Source: White House.gov

U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams was met with some criticism for the way he spoke to minorities during a recent Coronavirus press conference. Though Adams explained the reasoning behind the words he chose, there were some who felt that he was speaking "down" to minorities and they didn't approve of his language. As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to ravage the entire world, and more specifically, America, it has come to light that U.S. minorities are dying at an increased rate than white people who contract the deadly virus. It is believed there are several underlying reasons for the discrepancy including a lack of health care, that more minorities may be living with untreated or undiagnosed serious diseases such as diabetes or hypertension or heart disease, and they may not be self-isolating due to not having any jobs that allow for telecommuting.

The Surgeon General advised U.S. minorities to stop drinking alcohol and quit smoking cigarettes and cease taking drugs. He stated the following.

"We need you to do this if not for yourself than for your abuela. Do it for your granddaddy. Do it for your Big Momma. Do it for your Pop Pop."

You may see the segment from the press conference where U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams made the announcement in the video player below?

Though Jerome Adams made it clear he was trying to speak directly to the African American community, many have responded that they felt singled out. Jerome Adams reiterated that the CDC recommendations and guidelines are for everyone, regardless of ethnicity and stressed he was simply trying to deliver a message directly to vulnerable minorities and he didn't mean to offend anyone.

Though his message may have backfired, it isn't the first time that the Surgeon General tried to use pop-culture to reach the masses. He asked Kylie Jenner to give a message to her generation and encourage them to stay home and self isolate. Kylie Jenner obliged and then Kim Kardashian outed her for coming over to her mansion and applying her sister's makeup because as Kim Kardashian said — she does it so much better.

What do you think about U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams' message to minorities? Did you find it offensive?


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  • C. Wildon.
    C. Wildon. Apr 23, 2020 2:52 PM PDT

    I have nothing to say except that the man is bought and paid for...he is pathetic!! There is not one excuse for him to verbally speak to any group in such of a demeaning manner. You r a slave on a cotton field ..a , " on the t trump plantation.. !! U r signed sealed and delivered. Stop doing there dirty work...nothing justifies your Why.. !!

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