DMX's Public Memorial To Be Held The Next Weekend

DMX's Public Memorial To Be Held The Next Weekend
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It's been revealed that the public memorial of the late DMX will be held the next weekend. Check out the complete notes revealed by The Shade Room.

The ceremony will be held on April 24th at Brooklyn's Barclays Center, according to DMX's former manager Steve Rifkind, says TMZ.

'As of now, the memorial logistics are still in the works, and there isn't an exact number of how many people will be allowed inside the venue, nor how ticketing will be released,' TSR notes.

TSR also said that 'However, there will be a limited capacity due to COVID-19. There will be an intimate funeral service for DMX's close family and friends the following day, on April 25th. Let’s continue to keep DMX’s loved ones in our prayers at this time.'

A follower said: 'This man was soooooo LOVED! He wasn’t one of those artists that was loved more AFTER death. He was already loved😭🤎🤎🤎'

Someone else posted this: 'I'm staying home from work....if they can show nipsey....they can do DMX on tv too,' and one other follower said: 'I know God got a place for DMX. His human form suffered so but his spirit was always so special.'

One fan posted this: 'Glad to hear he’s going to be honored for the great man he was!! 🔥❤️🕊🙏🏾' and one other follower said: 'Okay road trip from Philly gas up the pacer.'

Someone else said: 'Why didn’t he get this type of love y’all showing him now when he was here 🤔' and a commenter posted this: 'Where the hood Where the hood Where the hood at❤️'

A commenter said: 'Better off taking a train that day cause traffic gonna be a Zoo' and someone else posted this: 'Why there he’s from Yonkers we have the raceway,' and a follower said: 'When they gonna tell the truth about what killed him though they shot that vaccine in him n it was over.'

A fan said: 'RIP🙏🏽 Needs to be laid the rest like the King he was 👑 A man after God’s heart 🕊' and someone else posted this: 'Sad fam can’t believe he Gone I believed he should of been preaching.'


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