DMX’s Children Honor The Rapper In Their Emotional Eulogies At His Memorial - Videos!

DMX’s Children Honor The Rapper In Their Emotional Eulogies At His Memorial - Videos!
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The rapper's children spoke at his memorial service, of course, and their words are truly heartbreaking. Check out what DMX 's kids had to say about their late father.

The eulogies delivered by his offspring were not only emotional and touching but they even honored his artistic career by writing a song for him!

With that being said, it appears that DMX will not only be remembered as a big name in the music industry but also as a very good and loving dad to his children.

His firstborn, son Xavier, actually talked about this during the memorial that took place earlier today and was streamed live on YouTube.

This comes after the famous rapper passed away from a heart attack at the age of only 50.

Xavier said: 'Thank you to every soul on this planet who's been with our family. You can never prepare for something like this. Our father's a king, our father's an icon. I'm very honored to have a father like him. This man deepened my ability to love. [He's taught me to] Always say thank you. No matter where you go a blessing's everywhere. Be kind to everybody. We are his blessing right here [he and his siblings.]'

While holding back tears, one of his younger sons said, later on: 'He wasn't just a rapper, he was the best dad ever.'

One of his daughters even performed a rap song she made for their father: 'I'm growing, I'm learning, to hold my head up. My daddy is still holding my hand so I gotta get up.'

Of course, aside from the children he tragically left behind so early, there were many others who paid tribute to the rapper, including fellow celebrities.


DMX's death was a shocking piece of news for many out there and fans are also in mourning.

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