DMX Leads Praise At Kanye West's Sunday Service And North Is Caught In The Spirit

DMX Leads Praise At Kanye West's Sunday Service And North Is Caught In The Spirit
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Kim Kardashian shared live video from Kanye West's Sunday worship with DMX but it was North West who stole the show. While the focus was on Jesus and giving thanks and praise for blessings received, the message certainly reminded everyone they were empowered to succeed through faith. But it was when Kanye took his microphone and moved over to North West who sang loudly and danced in her own way, that the Internet had church.

Video clips of North West dancing went viral making Kanye's and DMX's Sunday service a viral trend.

DMX found his calling several years ago and continues to make the rounds showing up at different spiritual events where he preaches or leads services. Sunday morning, St. Patrick's Day, DMX was the guest of honor as he led Kanye West's service and fans definitely approved.

You can watch DMX preaching as well as see some of the praise and worship including North West dancing in the video players below.

The video has had mixed reactions as not everyone is religious or appreciates Sunday worship service. For those who weren't interested in church, it seemed they had more negative responses and some even poked fun at the Sunday gatherers.

For social media users who were religious, there were many positive responses including those who said they would have loved to attend one of Kanye's services.

Many people were amazed to hear DMX's preaching and said that he has definitely found his calling. They're encouraging him to continue on the path he's found and not to let his past issues stand in his way.

You can see North West as she dances during the service in the video player below.

After the videos went viral, more people showed interest in Kanye's Sunday services that began in January. Some are asking if he is starting a real church. Kanye hasn't said whether or not he is starting a church, but for now, people are certainly enjoying his Sunday services.

Something else that people have noticed is that Kanye West seemed very natural, relaxed, and at home during the service. They even made the remark that Kanye West seemed like his old self.


What did you think of Kanye's Sunday service with DMX and North West's dancing?


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