DJ Khaled's The Father Of Ashad Hits Gold Status Already

DJ Khaled's The Father Of Ashad Hits Gold Status Already
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According to a report from, DJ Khaled just got the gold record album status for his latest album, The Father Of Ashad. DJ Khaled's 12th album, Father Of Ashad , sold approximately 500,000 records.

Vibe reported that Khaled's latest full-length album is the fastest this year to hit half-a-million records sold according to the RIAA, the Recording Industry Association Of America. The RIAA recently added the news to their official website as well.

Thus far, the album, reportedly, is only one of three LPs to secure the gold status. The other two are Tyga's new record, Legendary, as well as FANTASIA from Sebastian Yatra. Moreover, Khaled's new album has scored approximately 500,000,000 streams, with tracks like "You Stay" as well as "Jealous."

Ironically, DJ Khaled was upset last week when he discovered his album got to the number 2 spot rather than the number 1 because some of the records were disqualified from the list on account of the fact he sold many of them as bundles.

This type of marketing has become increasingly popular in the last decade, with Tyler, The Creator, also employing similar strategies in the marketing of his critically-acclaimed effort, IGOR . In Tyler's case, the album was sold along with lawn signs, and Khaled sold energy drinks with his.

Following the news of DJ Khaled's failure to hit the coveted number spot, it was rumored the DJ would be filing a civil lawsuit against the publication for disqualifying approximately 100,000 of his purchased records.

With that said, however, there is currently no proof of the producer's intention to sue, moreover, his record did get to number 1 on the Hip-Hop/R&B records list. As it was previously reported, DJ Khaled released Father Of Ashad this past month, featuring one track in which Nipsey Hussle was also present, "Higher."

Nipsey Hussle was shot and killed on the 31st of March by the apprehended suspect, Eric Holder, 29. He is currently awaiting trial. Interestingly, Nipsey's record,  Victory Lap,  went on to score millions of streams following his death.

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