DJ Khaled Shows Up To Dentist Appointment In Full Hazmat Suit

DJ Khaled Shows Up To Dentist Appointment In Full Hazmat Suit
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Hot New Hip Hop reported today that DJ Khaled showed up to a dentist appointment for an emergency root canal wearing a hazmat suit along with gloves and a mask. It's clear the music producer isn't taking chances regarding the coronavirus.

DJ Khaled recently revealed that he hasn't been outside of his house in the last three-and-a-half months due to the coronavirus, however, this past week, he had to visit the dentist for the aforementioned operation.

DJ Khaled wanted to make sure he went out in public wearing the proper protective gear, but he may have gone too far, at least according to some social media users. DJ Khaled took to his IG to share a photo in which he was stepping out of his car wearing the full-body suit.

The artist said that he doesn't play games when it comes to his wife and kids, and he hasn't been out of his home in almost four months. DJ Khaled then posted a series of photos from the procedure. He thanked the dentists for working on him.

According to DJ Khaled, the root canal was a massive source of pain for 15 years. Fans of the performing artist know he has been active on social media for years.

For instance, he developed a massive following on Snapchat for his daily videos in which he showed off his easygoing lifestyle, in conjunction with positive and uplifting quotes about life and staying happy during good times and resilient during bad times.

Ironically, a few years later, DJ Khaled was in the headlines for supposedly exploding at record label executives after he released an album that didn't go to number one as he expected.

Back in 2019, it was reported that DJ Khaled was furious when he learned that his latest record, The Father of Asahd , only went to the number two position on the chart. The artist was upset that Billboard and the record label supposedly didn't understand streaming services and how to count bundles properly.

Sources claimed that the music producer threw a "temper tantrum" when he was given the news.

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