DJ David Guetta Says 'It's Absolutely Fair' That Festival Goers Get COVID-19 Vaccine In Order To Enter

DJ David Guetta Says 'It's Absolutely Fair' That Festival Goers Get COVID-19 Vaccine In Order To Enter
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Obviously, the coronavirus pandemic has impacted a lot of people's lives around the world, especially musicians. As most know, the entertainment industry has been all but completely shuttered over the last year after the coronavirus strain made its way onto US soil.

As a result, nearly 100% of the festivals that would normally take place were shut down completely. A report from Reuters this week featured comments from the legendary French DJ, David Guetta, who shared his thoughts on the pandemic and whether concert-goers should have to be vaccinated in order to access festival grounds.

The DJ reportedly said that it was "absolutely fair" for everyone to get the vaccine before being allowed to go to a festival. The 53-year-old explained that he understood how it was a personal choice for many to get the vaccine. (He has already gotten the first dose of the Pfizer-BionTech vaccine).

The DJ spoke with Reuters on Tuesday where he shared that people had the right to not get the vaccine if they didn't want to get it, but they don't have the right to "impose on other people the risk of making them sick." The DJ went on to say that he thought it would be fair for governments to implement the same rule.

According to multiple reports. France is one of the most skeptical countries when it comes to the vaccine, with less than half of the population wanting to take the vaccine.

David went on to say that the pandemic has been terrible for the music industry and he hopes it'll finally come to an end in 2021.

"People have been frustrated for so long," the DJ added, before going on to say that when people finally get together again, it would be a party like the world has never seen before. David says the moment it all comes to an end, he's going to be on tour "non-stop."


Reportedly, Guetta will stream a concert this Saturday for the UNICEF charity from Dubai's Burj Al Arab hotel. David Guetta is just one among many musicians who have put on such a performance.

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