Disney's 'Beauty And The Beast' Now Streaming On Netflix Along With Documentary About The Man Behind The Fairy Tale

Disney's 'Beauty And The Beast' Now Streaming On Netflix Along With Documentary About The Man Behind The Fairy Tale
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Disney's Beauty and the Beast  is now streaming on Netflix and you can watch the award-winning movie on demand. As many children will want to enjoy this family movie over the weekend, there's another movie currently streaming on Netflix that might be of interest to adults. It is a documentary titled The Real Beauty and the Beast . It is about a man named Petrus Gonsalvus who in the 1500's suffered from hypertrichosis, where his body was covered in hair. It is believed that Petrus Gonsalvus was the inspiration behind the beauty and the beast fairy tale.

The 2017 movie Beauty and the Beast is based on the 1991 movie produced by Disney. It follows along with Disney's recent trend of reviving their animated films with live actors, such as has been done with Cinderella , Maleficent, and The Jungle Book. The live-action remakes are popular and if you haven't seen Beauty and the Beast , you're in for a treat.

Emma Watson stars as Belle and she captured the essence of the character as seen in the animated version.

Other live-action Disney films in the works include Dumbo, Snow White, The Lion King, Aladdin , (and the origin story Genies ), The Jungle Book 2, Winnie the Pooh , and the origin story for one of Disney's princes, Cruella, Mulan,   Peter Pan, Pinocchio , The Sword in the Stone , and Fantasia .

The story of Petrus Gonsalvus is believed to be the inspiration for the fairytale. Petrus was a medical curiosity and many in the day did not believe that Petrus was fully human. He was taken to King Henry II and became a member of the court when he was ten years old. He was a curiosity to those in the court and no one knew if he would turn into a beast.

Gonsalvus surprised many because he was highly intelligent and a kind person. He eventually married a woman named Lady Catherine and together they had seven children.

It's believed that Lady Catherine and Petrus Gonsalvus were in love, therefore she was the beauty and he was the beast.

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