Disgraced 'Southern Charm' Thomas Ravenel Slams Kathryn Dennis Amid Sexual Assault Trial

Disgraced 'Southern Charm' Thomas Ravenel Slams Kathryn Dennis Amid Sexual Assault Trial
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Kathryn Dennis’ custody war with Thomas Ravenel is starting to get ugly. Following Dennis’ motion to gain primary custody of her children, the disgraced Southern Charm star is now dragging her name through the mud. While Dennis takes advantage of Ravenel’s sexual assault scandal , he claims she is only doing it to remain relevant on Bravo’s hit reality show.

Dennis filed a motion to change her custody agreement at the end of October. The Southern Charm star is looking to win full custody of her two kids, Kensie, 4, and Saint, 2. Dennis’ motion bashed Ravenel for relying too much on nannies to care for their children – a clear reference to his sexual assault case.

She also claims that Ravenel drinks too much around the kids and abuses prescription drugs while they are under his care.

“He has drunk alcohol to excess, mixed with prescription drugs, that has caused him to be impaired during periods of time in which he had custody of the children,” the court documents read.

A week after Dennis filed the motion, Ravenel responded with a counterclaim of his own. According to People , Ravenel denied all of the accusations and bashed Dennis for using his recent scandal to create a storyline for Southern Charm .

Ravenel claims that Dennis is stirring up drama to get “media attention,” and that her bid for primary custody is “for the sole and/or primary purpose” of keeping her spot on Southern Charm .

Ravenel’s counterclaim also slammed Dennis for her history with mental illness. Ravenel claims that Dennis has struggled with several mental issues, including Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Bi-Polar Disorder, self-mutilation, cluster B Personality Traits, kleptomania, and attention deficit disorder. He included a doctor’s note that said Dennis can be a good parent but only if she remains on her medication.

Dennis and Ravenel have not responded to the latest developments in their custody battle.

Ravenel is facing serious charges of second-degree assault and battery. A judge just ruled that his case has sufficient evidence to go to trial. The charges stem from an incident involving Thomas Ravenel’s former nanny, who claims he tried to assault her in his own home.

Kathryn Dennis returns in new episodes of Southern Charm in 2019.


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  • Loretta
    Loretta Nov 12, 2018 4:20 PM PST

    Karma is a bi***. Thomas Ravenel took advantage of his wealth and took his children away from their mother. He was always giving Kathryn stipulations. That nut case, Ashley Jacobs, does not need to be around these children. She is a trouble maker and does not have them in her best interest. Good for you Kathryn. Thomas has always been creepy!

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